St. Louis Business Post

St. Louis Business Post

St. Louis Business Post will quickly be one of St. Louis most popular places to post infomation about the best local sites.  Currently we are giving all of our clients a free post on the StL 24/7 website.  As it grows we hope you will look to this resource for everything St. Louis.  For more information about joining St. Louis Business Post or to schedule a consultation for Axion Networks to discuss creating a Search Engine Optimization friendly Web Site for you today please contact Chris Grau at 314.787.8189.

Home Networking

Setting up a small home network isn’t always easy…

So, you just purchased your Wireless Linksys WRT54GS Router thinking it will be easy to do a little home networking to share your files and printer with that new laptop.  If you have no experience networking PC’s together you may find it a little difficult.  If you have Windows Vista, you may just regret wasting you whole day without success.  That is where the Best St. Louis Home Networking Team can help.  We can be at your house usually the same day and have you up and running in an hour!  

Virus Removal

Viruses and Spyware are the cause of most computer software issues.  We handle installing virus protection to protect your company’s network from harmful viruses.  Even with virus protection such as Norton 360, Symantec, or McAfee many PC are still vulnerable to spyware attacks.  The first line of defense is to not open any email attachments or download any software from people or websites that you are not familiar with.  In reality that is not possible for most large companies to keep their employees from doing this.  So when the inevitable happens and malicious spyware makes its way on to your employees or your personal computer trust Axion to remove it.  We have tools that we can freely share with you to remove even the most viscous viruses quickly.  Once we have our remote assistance software installed on your PC we can almost instantly identify and fix most issues.  Trust the best St. Louis Virus Removal team, Axion Networks! 

Anstl Relaunch of St. Louis Home Networking Site

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Jason Grau, has been succesfully working for over 11 Years in St. Louis offering Computer Repair and Network Service.

» Microsoft / Novell Network Certified (MCSE,CNE)
» Network Design and Installation
» Wireless Networking
» Citrix (CCA)
» Spyware and Virus Cleaning
» Computer / Network Upgrades & Repair
» Computer & Network Hardware Sales
» Software Support and Installation
» Onsite or Depot Service
» Email and Website hosting
» Online Backup Service
» Spam and Virus Filtering
» Printer Service and Maintenance
» And many more services